Retail Store Fixture Audits

Comprehensive Store Fixture Audits Provide the Data For Accurate Program Planning

Retail Store Fixture Audits

The data and information a store fixture survey provides can be a valuable asset to your store and merchandising design process. Most retail stores are a hodge podge of fixtures and displays that have been accumulated over many years. Knowing what is sitting in the store helps in development of planograms to store layout.

DisplayMax can perform a fixture and display audit of your stores to give you the insight for future development. Our store audit team can:

  • Count and Catalog All Existing Fixtures
  • Measure Fixture Base Decks and Shelving
  • Count Existing Shelving
  • Log and Photograph Fixture Condition
  • Notate Power Outlet Sources
  • Inventory and Count Displays
  • Provide Real-time Reporting with Photos

Our nationwide team of merchandising specialists can visit your locations and perform a detailed audits on all fixtures and displays. All survey results and data will be uploaded to our ProjectMax reporting system for easy retrieval and data management.

Have the knowledge of what fixtures are in an existing store can save you hours of work and thousands of dollars. When developing store layouts and merchandising planograms, inches counts. Fitting a 4' display into a 3' 6" space causes big problems. Performing a store fixture and display audit can guard against unwanted delays in the future.

Perform a Store Fixture Audit To Mine Gold Nuggets of Useful Data

A detailed store fixture and display audit can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of headaches. The data it provides paints a clear and accurate picture of what you need to develop new planograms and merchandising sets. It is also needed for store layout designs for upcoming remodels.