Fixture & Gondola Tear Downs

Coordinated Services for Fixture and Gondola Tear Downs

Store Fixture and Gondola Tear Down

When you need to remove fixtures and gondolas as part of a store remodel, store relocation or simply replacing them with new, DisplayMax can help you perfrom the tear down efficiently and quickly.

Our teams have the equiment and expertise to remove your store fixtures and dispose/recycle them properly. We can also dermerchandise the the fixtures and pack up inventory for a reloctaion project. The DisplayMax team can:

  • Demerchandise product from your shelves
  • Pack items for a store relocation
  • Tear down old fixtures and godolas
  • Load old units for disposal or recycling
  • Clean and repair floors
  • Install and merchandise new fixtures

Moving fixtures between stores is a huge undertaking that needs organization, coordination and skill. DisplayMax can provide qualified reps with the knowledge and experience to get the job done to meet your deadlines and execeed your expectaions.

Call DisplayMax to Tear Down and Relocate Fixtures and Gondolas

Just like all of our in-store merchandising services, DisplayMax aims for the highest level of execution for all special projects like fixture and gondola relocations and removal. Contact us today and allow us to make your transition smooth and easy.