In-store Display Maintenance

Complete On-Going Display and Inventory Maintenance Services

display maintenance services

Permanent displays in a retail setting are a great source of reliable sales revenue. However, without proper maintenance the most brilliant display can quickly show the symptoms of wear and neglect. The consequences of this are expensive - a dusty, worn out display without merchandise doesn't sell and your investment has wasted away.

The DisplayMax Merchandising team excels at providing on-going maintenance and merchandise replenishment for all types of displays. Our services include:

  • Scheduled Periodic Service Visits
  • Display Cleaning & Repair
  • Sign & Collateral Material Updates
  • Inventory Stock Counts
  • Merchandise Replenishment
  • New Components & Graphics Installation
  • Real-time Reporting and Photo Confirmation

Our nationwide team of merchandising specialists can visit your locations and perform a detailed maintenance of your displays and keep them in top condition. During the service we can install new signage, swap our marketing materials, add cut-in new product and submit an inventory count. All results and data of the visit can be uploaded to our ProjectMax reporting system for easy retrieval and data management.

Neglected displays can quickly become and eyesore to store management. Their employees don't have the time or skill to properly maintain it. Eventually, when your display stops performing it will be tossed in the trash. On-going maintenance by merchandising professionals from DisplayMax is your best deterrent against this scenario.

Don't Let Your Displays Die a Slow Death - Let DisplayMax Maintain Them

A on-going maintenance program for you displays can be scheduled as you see fit. Some with high turns require weekly while others can wait for monthly or even quarterly. The service you need performed and the maintenance frequency is up to you.