In-Stock Store Fixtures

Supplying Lozier Store Fixtures For New Store & Remodel Projects

Black Lozier Store Fixtures

DisplayMax stocks Lozier fixtures in black and platinum for your new retail store and remodel projects.

From large rollouts to small chain stores, we can supply you with fixtures that fit the design of your store. Lozier is the industry leader for service and products and have exactly what you are looking for your at the highest quality standards.

Our team at DisplayMax can assist you with the layout of your sales floor and specify the fixtures required. Our team of skilled installers can set them up, install the shelves and merchandise the products to your planograms. We have been installing fixtures in major retail chains for over 23 years.

The installation of your fixtures are too important to trust with a general contractor. We understand the importance of a precise floor plan and setting up the fixtures exactly where they need to be. Let the DisplayMax team provide you the fixtures and the experience installers to get you to your grand opening.

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A recent retail Industry survey of merchandising executives revealed that over one-third say their in-store P-O-P execution compliance rate is below 75%. Another 29% admit they “have no idea” what their compliance rate is. If you are in this group, click on the link below!