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Selecting the Right Merchandising Services Company

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Launching a retail merchandising initiative is an enormous and expensive undertaking. Achieving 100% compliance in each retail store can be realized when you select the right merchandising company as your partner.

Choosing a competent and experienced merchandising company can be the difference between program success, mediocrity or failure. A company with expertise in the installation of fixtures, displays and sign packages can be a valuable asset when it’s time to execute your initiative.

Failing to select the right merchandising services partner can be an expensive mistake. It is wise to check their experience and background. Many claim to have nationwide coverage with thousands of field reps. The truth is they may have a few that are w-2 employees within the company with all others being subcontractors or temps. At DisplayMax, we utilize the skill and knowdlege of our own employees for each project.

As a top-rated merchandising company in the industry, we set high standards on every project we help undertake. Our goal is to achieve 100% execution compliance at every store that we service for you locally or nationwide. This takes dedication, planning and hard work from our entire team.

Here are some valuable tips to consider when selecting a merchandising company for your next in-store initiative:

  • Engage them early in the planning process – they have knowledge and experience that will help find problems and efficiencies in your program that save time and money.
  • Match capabilities with program needs – most companies will claim to provide services for all categories and skill levels for a program.
  • Allow ample time for planning – delays in production and logistical execution are sure to happen. Understand that more employees doesn’t equate with nationwide coverage – avoid companies that rely on mostly temporary workers.
  • Provide as much information about your project as you can from the start – no detail is too small to consider or share.
  • Define a critical path and scope of work – create documents for each with detailed steps that must be followed and stick to them.
  • Get key decision makers involved early – determine the roles and responsibilities of who makes the final call on changes to schedule, critical path and scope of work.
  • Use the same merchandising company throughout the project – the company who performs the site survey and helps with project planning will have a better understanding of execution from beginning to end.
  • Establish the completion data you need – to measure compliance performance you need to track the right data from the field.
  • Be flexible when developing an in-store execution time line – again, problems and delays will happen, be realistic.
  • Brainstorm where potential choke points are in your program – facing them before launch pays huge execution dividends.

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Let Our Team Methodically Execute Your Store Merchandising Project

At DisplayMax, our objective on every merchandising project you entrust to us is 100% execution at every location. We accomplish this by using a proven, methodical approach. We call this “The 6-Step Merchandising Execution Process.” Download your copy or our Free Merchandising Best Practices Guide to learn more.