Retail Walls & Ceilings

solutions For Constructing Walls and Drop Ceilings During Remodels

Retail Walls & Ceiling Remodel

When you undertake a store remodel adding or removing walls is required. Our retail construction team can perform alterations to your sales floor flow and appearance to improve the customer shopping experience. We focus on cosmetic changes that don't require permits:

  • Tearout of Existing Walls & Ceilings
  • Rough Framing & Ceiling Grid Installation
  • Taping, Mudding and Painting
  • Drop Ceiling Panel Replacement
  • Base Trim Installation
  • Wall Graphics Installation

Just like refinishing your floors, removal, prepping and applying the new finish material for walls and ceiling takes planning and coordination with your store team. Our installation professionals can work after store hours to when it will not be a disruption to your sales process. If you are limited by space constraints, we can mobilize fixtures to relocate them to other areas of the floor during construction. This allow us to keep all merchandising on the shelf so it can be be sold to customers.

Our teams are flexible and work with your to always maintain shopability of your store. And is accomplished by working with you to determine the best approach to the project. Results are what matter most but the process of keeping you running during a major remodel is crucial.

We Can Add and Remove Walls and Ceiling During Your Remodel

The ability to alter the footprint of your retail store is a valuable option when remodeling your stores. The DisplayMax construction team has the skill and knowledge to add new walls and drop cielings that will be ready for your fixtures, signage and displays. We can also repair and replace old ceiling tile panels to give your showroom a fresh look that improves the customers shopping experience.