Retail SAles Counter

Custom Sales counter Design, Build, and installation Services

Retail Sales Counters

A new sales counter can make a world of difference to your customer's shopping experience and productivity of your employee's . DisplayMax is your source for custom built and installed counters of every style. Our team can:

  • Custom Design and Built with High Quality
  • Wide Selection of Configurations
  • Colors to Match Your Decor
  • Shelving and Drawers
  • IT and Phone Line Ready
  • Professionally Installed

Your sales counter performs a critical function in your store. Is where the final customer interaction occurs and where the final sales transaction takes place. It is also where your employess will spend most of their day. It really is their work station and a poorly designed space will cause problems that are projected to the customers. Can you afford to have that happen?

At DisplayMax, we work with one of the leading manufacturers of sales counters in the country, Doors & Drawers. Mining their knowledge and expertise, we can create a sales counter that fills each of your specific needs to engage and sell to your customers. Each counter will be professionally installed to achieve your high standards and meet your deadline for opening.

Allow DisplayMax to Provide You with Quality Retail Sales Counters

When you need new a new sales counter for your store, we can help design, produce and install to your exact specifications. New counters improve your customer experience and help you sell more product so you demand quality and selection at a fair price. The DisplayMax team can provide all of those to you on every project.