New Product Cut-In

Proficient New Product Cut-In Services For Maximimum Speed-to-Shelf

New Product Cut-In

When new products are introduced at retail, speed-to-shelf is critical for success. An new product cut-in that is introduced between major merchandising sets are designed to lift category sales, build brand awareness and increase consumer satisfaction. Executing a cut-in qucikly and efficiently is essential because porduct can only sell when it is on the shelf and not while it's stuck in recieving.

A merchandising company, like DisplayMax, is your best solution for new product cut-in execution. With our nationwide reach, we can visit all of your locations and achieve a high level of compliance.

When the demands of daily stocking and rotating are bottlenecking your new product introduction because store employees don’t have the time, call DisplayMax to get the project completed on-time and on-budget.

Industry studies found that fully 85% of new product cut-ins completed by merchandising companies were completed within two weeks of the date the product was shipped, while only 28% of the new cut-ins were completed by the in-store employees.

Our goal at DisplayMax is 100% compliance at every locations you entrust to us. Call the professionals DisplayMax for your next new product cut-in and experience the difference.

Let DisplayMax Help Execute Your New Product Cut-In

When you require a new product cut-in between major shelf resets, DisplayMax is here to help. We are astute at reading and setting to planogram in every retail channel. Our experience and flexibility allows us to meet your timeline demands and execute to your high standards.