AChieve Greater ROI with Your POP Program

Avoid Your Point of Purchase Displays Being tossed in the Trash

Trashed POP displays

Retail industry sources estimate that up to 50% of all point-of-purchase materials produced for in-store promotions never reach the customer. This problem costs retailers and CPG manufacturers millions of dollars every year in lost opportunity sales.

From our 23 years of experiences in retail merchandising, we have witnessed first hand the significant problems with executionof POP displays. Many never make it to the sales floor simply because store management doesn’t have time or motivation to install them. A large number of displays are just thrown into the trash and the discounted product is placed on the shelf with normal stock.

The bottom line is the program sales suffer due to poor execution.

Typically, poor results are caused by a "choke point" somewhere in the program execution process. The problem usually occurs at the store level with improper or non-existent installation. Compliance is severly compromised and attributed to an acceptable failure rate that is tolerated. This "it's good enough" attitude opens the door for apathy and finger pointing which is a cancer to realizing the full protential of a promtional program.

Achieving a higher level of compliance and ROI for your program is possible when you focus on the entire execution process of your program. The Turn-Key Display System does just that - providing a complete end-to-end solution for your POP programs from design to in-store installation. This system considers all the variables in the process to ensure the highest level of program compliance possible.

The DisplayMax team, and our partners at Landaal Packaging Systems, work together to making sure your displays are produced to the highest quality and installed correctly in every store you schedule. With throrough planning and focuesed execution it is possible to reach the full potential of your program.

We consider and address every step of a detailed process that is required to achieve a 100% compliance rate at every store:

P.O.P. Display Systems

Developing an in-store promotional merchandising campaign can be very complex. This system is a seamless approach that considers all the possible choke points of successful program execution. We address the critical areas where many programs fail before the displays are delivered to the store.

Our goal is to produce high quality displays and achieve 100% execution compliance at all of your targeted stores so your promotion reaches your target market. The old addage of "they can't buy it if they can't find it" can be a thing of the past with the Turn-Key Display System!

Learn How the Turn-Key Display System Can Boost Your POP ROI

A recent retail Industry survey of merchandising executives revealed that over one-third say their in-store P-O-P execution compliance rate is below 75%. Another 29% admit they “have no idea” what their compliance rate is. If you are in this group, click on the link below!