A Turn-Key POP Display Solution

Introducing Your Solution for Point of Purchase Display Execution

P.O.P. Display Systems

Many point-of-purchase initiatives fail simply because displays never reach the customer. You may have win industry awards for design, but if it never reaches the sales floor your program ROI is severely compromised.

Think back to your most recent POP promotional program:

  • How many stores you visited had correctly executed displays?
  • How many displays never made to the sales floor?
  • What percentage of displays where simply thrown in the trash?
  • Was discounted product just stocked into the existing shelf set?

If you can't answer these questions without guessing, your program likely underperformed and your program sales results are suffered. Our Turn-Key Display System is designed to take the guesswork out of your program and provide accurate results through superior execution at the store level.

One of the most negative, and costly, factors on promotional program results are stores where installations were missed, skipped, or ignored.

Consider the following scenario...

You have 1,000 stores targeted for a new promotional POP display program

You anticipate a 144 unit sell-through @ $10/unit

So, your projected promotion sell-through is $1,440,000

You anticipate an acceptable execution compliance rate of 70%

Therefore, 300 stores will NOT have a display installed

The potential lost revenue for your promotion is $432,000

Is a 30% Loss of Potential Program Sales Acceptable to Your Company?

Our innovative Turn-Key Display System can substantially improve the revenue line and reduce lost promotional sales of your in-store promotional programs by increasing the in-store compliance rate. We do this by providing comprehensive, end-to-end services for your program --- from your concept to in-store execution and maintenance.

The Turn-Key Display System Process

Our team executes all aspects of the program from design and printing, to fulfillment and delivery, to installation and follow-up maintenance at the store. With our printing partners at Landaal Packaging Systems, we handle of all the details of program execution from beginning to end. You only need to provide the concept, schedule and store location list!

P.O.P. Display Systems

Our goal is to produce high quality displays and achieve 100% execution compliance at all of your targeted stores so your promotion reaches it full sales potential.

Learn How the Turn-Key Display System Can Boost Your POP ROI

A recent retail Industry survey of merchandising executives revealed that over one-third say their in-store P-O-P execution compliance rate is below 75%. Another 29% admit they “have no idea” what their compliance rate is. If you are in this group, click on the link below!