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Point 0f Purchase Display Installation

Many merchandising initiatives rely on temporary point-of-purchase displays to engage customers. However, a majority of point-of-purchase initiatives fail simply because displays never reach the store.

You may have the greatest offer, a powerful concept and clever design, but if it never reaches the sales floor your program ROI is compromised. Often, these displays are packed out and shipped directly to the stores where employees are expected to set them up in the right location. Studies have shown that about 50% of the time this doesn't happen as planned.

The most negative, and costly, factor on POP program results are stores with missed installations. Consider the following scenerio:

  • You have 1,000 stores for a POP display program
  • You anticipate a 144 unit sell-through @ $10/unit
  • So, your projected promotion sell-through is $1,440,000
  • You would be happy with an execution compliance rate of 70%
  • Therefore, 300 stores will NOT recieve a display
  • The potential lost revenue for your promotion is $432,000

Is a 30% Loss of Potential Program Sales Acceptable to Your Company?

At DisplayMax, we provided POP installation services nationwide and will help you reach 100% compliance. You are leaving money on the table when you leave setup and installation of your displays to store employees. The few dollars you save by not hiring a display installation company is quickly eaten up by lost sales opportunities because the store doesn't have the manpower or desire to put up your display.

When you hire our team of installers you will immediately see the difference in your sales because your compliance is substantially higher. You invested countless hours and a big chunk of your budget developing the program. Why would you want to skimp on the area where performance is critical? Just increasing your compliance by a few percentage points will pay for the additional cost.

The Smart Choice For POP Store Installation is DisplayMax

Missed POP installation at your stores is very costly. You could be compromising thousands of dollars in sales lift just because store manager's didn't feel like putting up your display. Choose DisplayMax as your execution partner and see you compliance rate skyrocket.