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Fixture Installation Services:
We Build the Foundation of Your In-Store Merchandising Program

Fixture Install Services

You can't sell anything in an empty store with four walls. Unless you’re selling right off the shipping pallets or out of the back of a truck, you’re not ready until the fixture install is completed.

The fixtures are the foundation of your store and the DisplayMax merchandising team can execute all phases of your installation. We have extensive experience with all brands of fixture install including Lozier

Minimizing "down-time" on the sales floor is critical to any merchandising project, especially a store remodel. We work with your in-store personnel and coordinate with your other contractors to make sure the fixtures are installed according to plan.

Planning & Training are Essential For Retail Fixture Installations

Fixture Install RackingYou can be sure that our installers are properly trained. With our TrainingMax System, we develop customized, project specific training for all aspects of your project. This prepares our reps to execute your project without climbing a learning curve in your store. We believe that compliant merchandising is only possible with competent merchandisers.

Some of the important steps our installers will be trained on include:

  • Coordination of shipping and receiving
  • Unload all fixtures and move to the floor
  • Install fixtures per store layout plans and planogram
  • Clean all fixtures before merchandising
  • Walk through completed installation with the store rep
  • Obtain signed project completion form
  • Upload all relevant information to ProjectMax

Our goal for each is to execute your fixture install to achieve 100% compliance. Whether installing in a single store or thousands across the country, our nationwide team of installers can execute your plan to your complete satisfaction.

Choose DisplayMax Merchandising Services to be your partner in execution and find out how we can make a difference to your bottom line. Call us today at 810-494-0400

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