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TrainingMax Module Development Process

Display Installation ServicesNon-compliant resets, ignored planograms, poorly assembled displays, improper fixture installations, abandoned critical paths, no-show reps…hardly the news you want to hear from the field. You expect a few glitches and snafus but incompetent execution is frustrating, stressful and very costly.

The source of these headaches usually boils down to one critical factor: poorly trained merchandising reps.

In retail merchandising, the lack of compliance usually occurs because the people who perform the work are rarely trained for the project. They are seldom taught the specific skills and processes needed to complete it to your compliance standards. It is common for third party reps to be sent to a store with a hastily printed set of confusing instructions and left on their own to figure out the most important project details.

Video Display InstallThis leads to a host of expensive problems: delayed product to shelf, non-compliant merchandise sets, frequent out-of-stocks, increased project costs, wasted marketing dollars and lost sales.

At DisplayMax we understand that the path to compliance begins before the product ever hits the shelf. Successful in-store execution begins with proper training of the team installing the fixtures, displays and products. That is why we developed the TrainingMax system.

What is TrainingMax?

TrainingMax is customized, project specific training delivered to our in-store team members who will be executing your project’s scope of work and critical path requirements. We work with you to develop the exact step-by-step procedures and processes that our team will follow to successfully complete your project on-time and on-budget.

Our goal for each is to execute it to the highest standards as you envisioned it. We are committed to efficiently executing your display install critical path and have earned a reputation of merchandisers who can perform and exceed your project expectations.

The TrainingMAX system will:

  • Teach the exact skill set necessary to execute your project
  • Increase speed-to-shelf of your initiatives
  • Meet your in-store merchandising compliance standards
  • Achieve quality execution at all locations
  • Help identify potential issues before they become problems
  • Reduce costly errors, delays and go backs

The bottom line is you will have properly trained team on your project executing it to your compliance standards!

Together with our ProjectMax Reporting System, the TrainingMax System is the best solution for all your merchandising initiatives. Contact the professionals at DisplayMax to request a short demonstration at 810-494-0400

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