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ProjectMax - Real Time Project Data Reporting To Help You Manage More Effectively

Project ReportingYou’ve no doubt heard this before: “You can’t manage it if you can’t measure it.”

In retail merchandising, this is not a cliché but a requirement for successful program execution and compliance. Many of your merchandising initiatives are spread across all four corners of the United States. During the implementation of a program, tracking every retail location to see if it is completed and in compliance can seem like an impossible task.

At DisplayMax Merchandising Services, we provide you with the real-time data you need to track, analyze and manage the merchandising or installation of your initiatives. We call this valuable tool the ProjectMax system.

What is ProjectMax?

ProjectMax Reporting System

ProjectMax gives you the power to monitor the progress of your projects no matter the number or locations of your stores. You will have 24/7 access to the critical information you need to make sound decisions through your computer, laptop or smartphone.

Our in-store merchandising teams are equipped with the latest handheld technology and upload the information you need about your project into the ProjectMax system. Through a secure, password protected website you will have the ability to monitor the activity of your project and other details important to its execution.

This is immediate, real-time data collection and communication that you can use to keep your project on-time and on-budget. The system is paperless, efficient and fully customizable to fit your needs. Some of the data sets you can choose to track include:

  • Critical project documents
  • Implementation scheduling
  • Training documents and videos
  • Task assignments
  • Digital completion photos
  • Completed sign-offs and authorizations
  • Key contact information
  • Project discussion boards
  • Historical project data
  • Store Survey Data

Before the start of the project, you select the data and activity that you need to assist with your decision making process. Updates of the activities that you specify are entered into ProjectMax by our team members upon completion. This provides you the most pertinent, real-time data at your finger tips to manage the project efficiently and with confidence.

Other Benefits of ProjectMax?

An additional key benefit of the system is it allows our project managers to closely monitor our merchandising teams in the field and utilize them for maximize productivity and cost control. The data is also used by our operations team as a source of checks and balances to deliver the high quality merchandising services in the retail industry.

Together with our ProjectMax Reporting System, the TrainingMax System is the best solution for all your merchandising initiatives. Contact the professionals at DisplayMax to request a short demonstration at 810-494-0400

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