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Merchandising Choke Points - Where are Yours and How Much are They Costing You?

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Launching an in-store merchandising initiative is a hugely expensive undertaking. From research to concept to design to construction it takes months of careful planning and execution. Unfortunately, when it comes to the store level execution of the program you often run into costly roadblocks and annoying obstructions.

We call these "Merchandising Choke Points."

A merchandising choke point is any situation or procedure breakdown that causes delays, errors, or a stoppage in the execution of your in-store merchandising program. An unexpected choke point can be the difference between success, mediocrity and failure.

Consider your last the execution of your last merchandising initiative. What was your overall compliance rate? How many stores were missed or improperly merchandised? What was the dollar value of missed sales opprotunities? Where did it go wrong? How can you fix it before the next launch?

The answers to these questions can be less painful if you brainstorm and prepare to overcome your choke points at the beginning of your program. Too often execution is rushed and details are missed because of the promotion deadline date. Skipping this crucial planning step can cause great frustration be very expensive.

From our 22 years experience as a merchandising company, here are the ten Choke Point areas we have identified that must be addressed before launching at the store level.

  • 1. Scope of Work and Installation Instructions Issues
  • 2. In-Store Management Problems
  • 3. Distribution & Logistics Obstacles
  • 4. Project Timing Factors
  • 5. Notification and Approval Breakdowns
  • 6. General Contractor Obstacles
  • 7. Project Design Issues
  • 8 .Poor Store Survey Process
  • 9. Store Location Problems
  • 10. Merchandising Rep Skill Gaps

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Understanding the negative affects of unseen Merchandising Choke Points can be costly to your execution compliance rate and negatively influence your program resutls. Get your free report and be prepared for your next intiative launch!