Merchandising Execution Process

First Step:Establish Program Goals and Execution Plan

merchandising program goals

Launching a nationwide in-store merchandising initiative is serious business and not for the faint of heart. You’ve invested a great deal of time and money developing and producing your program materials, now it’s time to get it into the stores. To achieve 100% execution compliance, there are many components, factors and variables to consider before installing the first display or fixture.

As a merchandising company with over 22 years of experience, the DisplayMax team has seen many programs succeed and fail because of poor direction and lack of planning. Reaching 100% compliance in your program can be done, but takes careful preparation and coordination.

You may have created the greatest merchandising piece in the world but if it doesn’t make it to the store it is worthless.

The DisplayMax Execution process begins with a dialogue with you to determine what your execution goals are and the plans you have in place to reach them. Here are key points that we discuss with you when developing an execution game plan:

  • Type of Merchandising Materials
  • Assembly or Installation Instructions
  • Number of Stores
  • Execution Time Line
  • Freight or Delivery Plans
  • Receiving and Storage Issues
  • Store Communication Plan
  • Execution Process
  • Clean Up Procedures
  • Reporting Needs and Procedures
  • Return Visit Procedures

How many of these have you overlooked in the past and paid for it with poor execution in the store?

When you work with the in-store merchandising experts at DisplayMax we thoroughly review your program and identify the problems that can cause delays and cost overruns. We call these Merchandising Choke Points and identifying them is the second step in the DisplayMax Merchandising Execution Process.

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Let DisplayMax Help You Reach for 100% in Merchandising Compliance

When it comes down to it, merchandising success is all about well planned executions. When you contact us to discuss your project be prepared to uncover your "Merchandising Choke Points." These are the factors and situations that have the potential to blindside you once you have launched your program and quickly errode your compliance rate.