Merchandising Execution Process

Third Step: Match Field Rep Skill to Project Scope

skilled merchandising reps

One often overlooked issue blocking 100% merchandising execution is the ability of the in-store rep to perform the task assigned to them. Matching the skills they possess to the demands of the project scope is critical to success. At DisplayMax, we consider these areas to assess a field reps qualification for a project:

  • Project Scope Skill Needs
  • Assembly or Construction Requirements
  • Techniques and Tools Required
  • Physical Demands of Project
  • Maximum Weight to Be Lifted
  • Maximum Height of Installation
  • Duration to Complete Project
  • Rep’s Project Experience and Past Performance

The skill set of a field rep ultimately determines the execution quality and speed of all in-store merchandising initiatives. In many instances, merchandising companies will assign their reps based on geographic location instead of their experience and skill set. At DisplayMax, we first look at the skills, experience and abilities of our reps to complete your project.

It’s obvious that a rep who is only skilled at product merchandising is not the right fit for a project that calls for the installation of expensive millwork. As a merchandising company, it is our duty to provide you with the right people to do the job as dictated by the scope, not by where their home is located.

Matching skill to project scope is essential to achieve 100% execution compliance with your merchandising projects. The in-store merchandising experts at DisplayMax will thoroughly review your program and assign only in-store field reps that can complete the job. You can be assured that our people will be properly trained and know what they are doing in your stores.

The next step in the merchandising execution process is to engage store management to create a valuable execution partner in the store.

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Let DisplayMax Help You Reach for 100% in Merchandising Compliance

When it comes down to it, merchandising success is all about well planned executions. When you contact us to discuss your project be prepared to uncover your "Merchandising Choke Points." These are the factors and situations that have the potential to blindside you once you have launched your program and quickly erode your compliance rate.