Merchandising Execution Process

Second Step: Identify YOur Merchandising Choke Points

merchandising choke points report
It very frustrating when it’s time for the launch of your program to the stores and immediately encounter costly roadblocks and annoying obstructions.

These problems range from late shipments, damaged components, poor installation, improper placement, store management push back and “no-show” merchandisers. All result in an unacceptable execution compliance rate and a stressed budget.

At DisplayMax we call these in-store complications and frustrations “Merchandising Choke Points.”

A merchandising choke point is any situation or procedure breakdown that causes delays, errors, or a stoppage in the execution of your in-store merchandising program. An unexpected choke point can be the difference between success, mediocrity or failure.

We’ve identified ten in-store merchandising choke points areas from over 20 years of observations and problem solving in the field. We ask you to carefully consider each choke point and reflect on those that have caused you difficulties in the past.

Here is a list of the ten Merchandising Choke Point areas we examine for you:

  • Scope of Work and Installation Instructions Issues
  • In-Store Management Problems
  • Distribution & Logistics Obstacles
  • Project Timing Factors
  • Notification and Approval Breakdowns
  • General Contractor Obstacles
  • Project Design Issues
  • Poor Store Survey Process
  • Store Location Problems
  • Merchandising Rep Skill Gaps

When you work with the in-store merchandising experts at DisplayMax we thoroughly review your program and identify the problems that choke points that cost you execution performance. To download our “How to Avoid Merchandising Choke Points” report click here.

After we have addressed you program’s potential choke points, we move on to Step 3 which is to match the skill of our in-field reps to the scope of your project.

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Let DisplayMax Help You Reach for 100% in Merchandising Compliance

When it comes down to it, merchandising success is all about well planned executions. When you contact us to discuss your project be prepared to uncover your "Merchandising Choke Points." These are the factors and situations that have the potential to blindside you once you have launched your program and quickly errode your compliance rate.