Merchandising Execution Process

Fifth Step: Execute, Execute, Execute!

fixture installation execution

In the merchandising services business, execution is all that really matters. If your product or merchandising is not on the shelf or on the floor, it can’t sell. And, when your merchandising company doesn’t perform it costs you lost sales opportunities and brand engagement.

Our execution philosophy is what sets us apart in the industry:

  • Be a valued partner to all our clients
  • Provide the best service at a competitive price
  • Pay attention to project details
  • Avoid cutting corners to save time
  • Use experienced and highly skilled reps
  • Take care of problems as soon as they come up
  • Be responsible and fix our mistakes as soon as possible
  • Always strive for 100% compliance at every location

The retail environment is now defined by the Omni Channel based programs. Every step of the branding and sales process is critical. In-store product merchandising performs the heavy lifting when it comes to engaging customers at the moment of truth.

Can you afford to trust your merchandising to a company that approaches in-store execution haphazardly just to bid the lowest price?

Choosing the wrong merchandising company can be very expensive. There are many firms who will provide a low price. However, do they perform when it counts - executing at every store to meet your schedule? The DisplayMax team takes great pride in being the one company that does.

The final step in the merchandising execution process is critical to your compliance achievement. It is creating the customized reporting system to help you manage program execution.

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Let DisplayMax Help You Reach for 100% in Merchandising Compliance

When it comes down to it, merchandising success is all about well planned executions. When you contact us to discuss your project be prepared to uncover your "Merchandising Choke Points." These are the factors and situations that have the potential to blindside you once you have launched your program and quickly errode your compliance rate.