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Execution of our 6-Step Process Sets Us Apart In the Retail Industry

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If you ask shopper marketing executives, they will tell you that they expect a 90% to 100% compliance rate. In many cases that is very optimistic. Recent industry studies reveal that less than 50% of in-store merchandising programs are compliant to established directives.

Achieving a higher level of in-store compliance can be accomplished if you take an approach that utilizes a methodical process. At DisplayMax, we attack each project with a proven strategic approach: The 6-Step Merchandising Execution Process. Select the links below to learn detail of each step:

Each step in the process considers all the important factors and variables of your program and examines each one to reduce the number of issues and problems during in-store execution.

Ultimately, how you define compliance is a major factor in merchandising success. A simple definition is the correct execution of product and merchandising material appearing in a store on a scheduled date. How often have you experienced this simple definition disregarded at the expense of program results. Achieving outstanding success in retail merchandising can be very difficult. Even the most brilliantly conceived message with powerful point of sales materials can fall flat for a variety of unforeseen reasons.

A high compliance failure rate is like a virus that eats away at your projected initiative results. It attacks the one place that hurts most – your bottom line sales.

Consider this: if you are launching a new endcap display in a 1,200 stores chain and the display wasn’t properly installed in 600 of those stores you are missing huge sales opportunities. It is next to impossible to get accurate data to analyze program performance and you end up submitting an uneducated guess to your superiors. This has the potential to be a very bad career move!

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Let DisplayMax Help You Reach for Improved Merchandising Compliance

When it comes down to it, merchandising success is all about well planned executions. When you contact us to discuss your project be prepared to uncover your "Merchandising Choke Points." These are the factors and situations that have the potential to blindside you once you have launched your program and quickly errode your compliance rate.